three on thursday

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Thursday!
1. Oh my goodness, how can you resist this shark hoodie by sew kate sew?   I’m totally on the hunt for a gray hoodie – let me know if you find one!
2. Pioneer WomanFrozen Cappuccino Cups.  Really, need a I say more?  OK, here’s two more words for you – yes, please!
3. I want one of these owl softies for my bed!  Head over to Ucreate for the info!

1 comment:

  1. I'd think you'd be able to find a hoodie relatively easy - seems they're all over! Because it's the year my kid has decided he DOES NOT want hoods on his sweatshirts. Do you think I could find a plain (ie no monster trucks/dinosaurs/cars/etc) sweatshirt without a hood? Nope. All hoodies.

    I've always loved owls. Love that they're all over right now! It almost makes up for the hoodies. :P


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