simple things photo challenge: 4

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I promise one day to post a photo without my son in it.  But there is truly no one or nothing else that makes me smile like he does!

This photo is a simple one, but again, I see so much looking at it. 

This is his favorite toy these days – the Bat Cave that he got from Grandma and Grandpa for his birthday. It’s about the only toy that he will sit and play with all by himself for 30 minutes. 

I see a bandaid on his finger, which is normal these days – not because he has constant injuries but because he feels the need to wear a band aid until any evidence of a wound is completely gone (and since bandaids are cheap, I’m happy to oblige). 

I see bare feet even though it was a super chilly day because the kid will NOT wear socks inside. :) 

I see a photo that I might have missed, had it not been for the joy of love photo class I've been participating in! This was my photo for day 1: "what they do".

And I see a setting for a lazy day, which was odd for a Wednesday.  Schools were closed since the temperatures were at record lows so we were home together. 

Lots to smile about here, although to the naked eye, it’s just another photo of a little boy playing.


  1. I'm also doing the joy of love challenge, although I'm a couple of days behind.:) I love your photo. It's great when little ones are so absorbed in their play, they don't even notice the camera!

  2. very sweet photo Heather & I loved reading your thoughts! lovely!!


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