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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have a dangerous obsession with pretty gifts.  We have a few friends and family with birthdays over the next couple of months so giftwrapping has been on my mind.  Of course most of the folks with birthdays are far away and require shipping, so not sure I’ll be trying any of these beautiful ideas!  Regardless, be prepared to be inspired by these pretty packages.  Sources are below (and photos are linked).

farfalle01.jpgPom Pom Flower Package

  1. Farfalle Pasta Bows from The Kitchn
  2. Using Pom Poms (including tutorial) from Domesticfluff
  3. Wallpaper Boxes from Givers Log
  4. Fabric Origami Boxes from How About Orange
  5. Repurposed Wrap from Martha Stewart
  6. Kraft Paper and Clothespins from Givers Log

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