January–Declutter Progress

Friday, February 4, 2011

Remember my post about the Happiness Project?  I admit, I lost my way a little bit in January.  Well, not entirely true.  I think I made huge steps to conquering clutter in my life.  I just struggled with keeping up with tracking it and making it a daily habit.
However, this is a project that is meant to last all year.  I still have plans to include the goals in January in my life for the rest of the year.  So here’s an update on where I stand.
1. Get rid of the junk.  I kind of went crazy on this one.  There is not a drawer or closet in the house that hasn’t been conquered.  I had two donation pickups this month (did you know some charities will let you schedule pickups online?).  So we purged a lot.  I got our files under control, my shredding up to date (big task – had a back log due to an inefficient shredder that has since been upgraded).  I didn’t get to the basement, which is the biggest problem.  Of course that isn’t a purge area – just in need of organization.
2. Establish a maintainable paper management system.  Improved, but not well established.  But I have signed up for an online class for March to help me figure this one out (sorry – you missed the early bird signup special).
3. Adopt a "one in, two out" lifestyle.  Still working on this one.  This is more about remembering it than anything.  Been doing less purchasing at least but still need to work on this one.
4. Complete two nagging crafty projects.  Done!  I got a few done actually!
  • Logan’s quilt – yippee!!!
  • Printer tray photo collage for our entryway – bought this printer tray six months ago and it is finally hung up!
  • And actually I got three done - Crafty gift for my friend for Christmas (sad, this one was weeks late but she was so kind not to care.)  I’ll post more on this one later – forgot to take pics!
Stay tuned on my update for February!

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