Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nice alliteration, huh?  This might be a boring month. :)  But since my goals were a little finite (and tax season is around the corner) it seemed to make sense to devote the shortest month to what should be the easiest task to get done.  This one again is all about removing the stress to allow me to be happy.  It also speaks back to the “complete nagging tasks” part from January.
Here’s the plan:
  1. File our taxes.
  2. Investigate refinancing.
  3. Setup a will.
  4. Setup envelope system (I think this is from Dave Ramsey?) and stick with it.
  5. Find a coupon strategy that works for me.
The last one is more about finding a balance.  I love finding good deals, but couponing can take a LOT of time.  So I’ve been working on a system that will work for me.  I have a feeling this will tie into my paper management class very nicely.
We are blessed that we are at a time in our life that doesn’t require us to pinch every penny.  So losing out on that great deal isn’t going to be the end of the world.  But it is still awesome to be able to cut back where we can and save for the future.
If you are following the Happiness Project, what’s your goal for February?


  1. Ugh. Envelopes. I keep trying to make it work. And failing miserably. If you find "the answer" let me know!

    For coupons, I always grab the paper inserts on Sunday, check out the coupons and my grocery store insert of choice and plan my menu around the sales. I still clip other coupons I'll use and I picked up a cute little 5 pocket folder at Hobby Lobby to store them in. When I make my list I just grab it and see if there are any coupons in there I need. I'm not willing to go "extreme couponer" but on average my Safeway receipt tells me I save over 30%.

  2. I've always wanted to try the envelope system! I noticed that our church is offering the Dave Ramsey series this spring & I thought about signing up for it. I've followed him for awhile, but really haven't implemented any of his ideas whole heartedly. I'll be very interested to hear how you end up doing the envelope system - might have to follow your lead :).


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