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Monday, February 21, 2011

I think most of you know that my friend G and I have started an etsy shop and party blog - Did Someone Say Party.  Between that, working full time, being a mom to a toddler, a wife, the family memory keeper (scrapbooker, etc.) and just wanting to do some fun crafts, this little blog has fallen to the wayside.

As a result, I think I'm going to change the direction of this blog a little bit.  I initially started it to track my favorite crafty projects.  Since then, I've happened upon Pinterest, which I LOVE, and am tracking everything there.  So that need is fulfilled elsewhere.

But I love that I can use this blog for memory keeping.  I love writing Logan the letters monthly, which serve as both fodder for scrapbook pages (more on that soon) and communication to loved ones of all the little things he's been into lately.  I love participating in the simple things photo challenge (behind this week thanks to a cold and family visiting, but back soon).  I love sharing my scrapbook pages and keeping myself accountable on my happiness project.

So I'm keeping this blog going, but I'm changing gears.  Instead of making this partially about me personally, and partially a blog to share crafty projects I admire, I'm going to keep this blog all about us. 


It is all things vo after all. :) 

This means the three on thursday will be no more.  But stay tuned for more memory monday, simple photo challenge updates, etc.  I’ll keep you posted on any of my own crafty projects (non-party related of course, for all things party related check out DSSP!)

Thanks for understanding!  And happy Monday!!


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