three on thursday

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Thursday!  Hope your first Thursday of 2011 is full of fun!

1. If you haven't had a chance to buy or make a calendar yet, here's a roundup of free printable calendars courtesy Skip to My Lou.  Love this watercolor one.
2. I want to make a set of these nesting zip bags from Oh Fransson!  So cute!
3. I love Greek food - LOVE IT!  Feta and olives are some of my favorite foods ever.  So I love this Greek spin on the 7 layer dip from Our Best Bites.  You know I'm making this at my next party!  Or maybe just to snack on all weekend. :)  OK, so mine would have to be 6 layers - I don't do raw tomatoes (weird, I know!).


  1. You're such and enabler. I hare a total thing for calendars. I have (*counting*) 4 paper ones and 1 digital. But yeah, I'll go print at least one more. :)

    You take the olives, I'll take the tomatoes. One thing I super miss about Chicago - Greek town! I need to make some Tatziki and Tabouleh this weekend...

  2. Have you tried pinterest? My new favorite way of tracking ideas from blogs. It "pins" the image (and of course the website link) and you can sort them into folders. So I have a folder for various types of projects. It's also nice because you can follow boards of people you like (Ali's on there!) and see their pins in case you want to repin to. It's only by invite for some weird reason, so let me know if you want me to send you one!


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