simple things photo challenge: 3

Sunday, January 30, 2011

We've been blessed to have some amazing weather this last two days.  It was in the mid 60s on Friday and mid 50s yesterday.  I'd love to say that we spent the weekend outside enjoying the weather, but Logan came down with a fever on Thursday and we haven't had much opportunity to get outside.  We hung out in our front yard for a little bit yesterday, and my little superhero found enough energy to run around and fight some bad guys.  IMG_9152
Of course now that the weekend is wrapping up and the weather is getting cold (high of 0 forecast for Tuesday!) he’s back in fighting form. :) I'm just glad he's feeling better!


  1. I love little kids in sunglasses! *grin*

  2. Glad your little one is feeling better. Mine have gotten sick too and haven't been able to enjoy the nice weather either. I don't think the cold front reaches us until Wed so we might get a little outside time if they get better soon.

  3. Wow, what great form in his superhero fighting stance!

  4. Katie - I hope your little ones feel better quickly!


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