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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So I have traveling with little ones on the brain.  Or at least one little one – a goofy three year old who is just barely potty trained and overly talkative.
We are planning a visit soon to see my sister in law and brother in law and we couldn’t be more excited.  But aside from quite a few major car trips (like 10 hours long) and the flight I posted about yesterday, we haven’t really travelled with Logan! It’s a short flight, so I’m sure we’ll be OK.  But you know me – I can never be too prepared!  So I’ve found some good resources for travel advice that I thought I’d share.  My first post on travel tips is a good starting point! 
Simply Modern Mom posted some more advice on traveling with kiddos, this time from a flight attendant.
Skip to My Lou offers some tips and tricks, including ways to preserve those travel memories.  I love her ideas on collections to start, like postcards.  I have a friend who gets one of the souvenir pennies on every trip her son makes with her, then they look through the collection together! Love that!

Emilie Handmade offers a free printable quiet book for the airplane ride!
And Traveling Mom has everything from tips on products to destination highlights and even travel snack ideas!
Sadly, I think the best travel tip I have is to bring an iphone.  That pretty much covers our little guy!

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