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Monday, January 24, 2011

Here's a page about Logan's first trip on an airplane - what an adventure!

nyc april 2008

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The journaling reads:

I was asked to go to NYC to do a work site visit while on maternity leave with you.  I wasn’t willing to leave you, so they agreed to schedule  the trip after I returned from leave and pay for you and Daddy (who was then on paternity leave) to join me.  It was a very fast trip.  In fact even though it was all of our first trip to the city, we got very little site seeing in.  We knew it would be too difficult with you.  And boy, did you make that short trip interesting!  First we had about 4 hours of flight delays, which was not fun with a little one.  You did a pretty good job, although once we got on the plane you decided to take a poop (not in the 4 hours we were in the airport with the large restrooms near by!).  Which was our first sign of things to come.  The plane didn’t have a changing table, so the flight attendants laid out a blanket on the floor for me.  Then you refused to nurse on the plan (which also was a sign of things to come - you refused to nurse the entire trip!).  When we finally arrived in NYC after dark, we had to wait about an hour for the airline to find your car seat!  When we finally got to the hotel, you were so smiley - more than we’d ever seen you!  I was pretty happy to be settled in to!  The view of the city from our hotel room was incredible!  The next day I head to Ellis Islamd, then you and Daddy met me at Liberty Island.  You were pretty unimpressed with your first visit to the Statue of Liberty, but I sure thought it was cool!  When we were done we decided to take the ferry into the city to visit Ground Zero.  One of my coworkers decided to join, and the architect that was with us took the ferry with us so he could head back to his hotel. I took you out of your stroller and let you bounce on my knee while we rode the ferry.  You proceeded to poop, with it leaking out of your diaper and all over my leg!  Once the ferry arrived we had to find a public bathroom to get you and me all cleaned up.  Daddy joked that if there was any city where no one would notice us covered in poop, it would be NYC!  After a quick Ground Zero visit we headed back and flew out the next day.We were only in the city like 36 hours but it was an eventful trip!  And you got your first ride on almost every form of public transportation - lightrail, subway, ferry, and airplane!  I don’t have many photos, but it was a trip full of memories with you!

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