memory monday: holiday cards

Monday, January 10, 2011

I LOVE LOVE receiving holiday cards.  It's awesome receiving so much lovely mail during the holidays, and to get to see photos of loved ones that I don't get to see often just makes it even better.

Since Logan was born, I've been scrapbooking our Christmas cards (or at least the photos used) so he could someday enjoy seeing what our cards looked like.

By the way, our card is the photo on the right.  It was right after I'd discovered digital scrapbooking, so I made a collage of pics of Logan since he was born (since that was what we'd been up to since the last Christmas!) I loved how it turned out.  The page on the left is my favorite holiday picture of him ever. :)

But I've always wondered what to do with the cards we receive.  They usually end up in a file box somewhere and almost never see the light of day.  That seems so sad for something that means so much to me every year.  So last year, when I saw this holiday card scrapbook page project on Ali's website, I knew I had my answer!

Here's last year's collage with our Christmas Card photos page on the left.  I love that I now make it a two page spread.  I didn't include the actual card from last year, but the photos I used on it.  I love that Supra was a part of that card - the lower photo is what was inside our card.  You can see I had some challenges with a long photo - but I figured out how to make it work!

This year I made our card on Shutterfly, so I just included the card.  There was a little sentiment on a friend's card that I loved so I used that for some embellishment on the card page along with some Thickers for the year.

It really is an easy project - a square punch and some sheets of paper.  My only rule is that every card we receive goes in.  If we get a card that doesn't have photos, I punch out of the cover of the card.  Just like Ali I let go of worrying about getting everyone in the image - sometimes that doesn't work.  Although I will try all angles possible (you can see a friend's card on here is punched at an angle since it was more vertical in orientation).  Oddly, the count worked out perfectly this year.

The best part is when I slip the pages in and get to look back at previous years!  This is definitely a tradition I'll continue!

So I'm curious, what do you do with all your Christmas cards?

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