Logan–37 months

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Logan,
Oh, buddy.  Every day with you is such a joy.  Sure we have our struggles and our battles (and occasional time outs!) but you crack me up more than not.  You are full of character and far more grown up than I give you credit for.  Somehow you are a month past your 3rd birthday – yet you talk all the time about how you will soon be four then five (yikes!).  I’m not ready for that.  I wasn’t even ready for you to be three!  But I don’t really have a say in it – you are just growing up so fast!
You are such a good boy when we go places and it makes it so much easier to be out and about.  It’s fun to take you new places like the museum – you get so excited to see everything!
We’ve had some recent struggles with lying.  Part of it is that you don’t want to get in trouble, but part of it is that you also don’t want to have caused someone pain (you are overly sensitive that way).  For example, if you step on my foot and I say so, you get all sad and say I stepped on your foot!  I’m pretty sure I was there and saw what happened.  But you get so sad when I suggest that you’ve hurt me that you act as if I’ve hurt you!  For some reason you seem to think your medicine tastes good so you often tell me something hurts so you need medicine.  It’s so hard to tell when you are actually hurt or sick!
Everything I read says lying is normal at this age, but it can be a bit frustrating.  I remember being so excited that you could speak so clearly that you could tell me what was wrong, how your day was at school, what hurt when you were sick, etc.  But now it’s just a little difficult to tell if what I’m hearing is the truth or if you are manipulating the situation.
You are a big negotiator these days too – on the verge of manipulation.  Particularly when it comes to food, which is funny (I try not to laugh, but that can be tough sometimes!).  The other day on the way home from school you told me you wanted to stop at King Soopers (not just the grocery store, but you specifically requested King Soopers by name).  When questioned why, you explained you wanted a cookie.  I told you we have dinner before dessert (which is almost a daily discussion we have these days).  I explained we were having pasta, which is one of your favorites.  Then you tried to convince me in your sweetest voice, “First we’ll have a cookie, then we’ll have pasta, then we’ll have dessert.  Does that sound like a good idea?”
You are using all these big words that sound so funny coming out of your little mouth.  “Actually” might be my favorite.  You often start sentences with it, and impressively use it correctly most of the time.  “Actually, I want goldfish for breakfast.”  “Actually, I want to play Chutes and Ladders.”  It’s pretty cute.  We went through a bout of you responding sarcastically, “Whatever, Mom” when I told you to do something.  I know you got that from us – we are particularly bad at it.  I realize that now that you correct us five times on a daily basis after I corrected you.  “We don’t say whatever, Mom”.  It’s difficult to explain to you that it can be used nicely too!  So when I say, “We can have whatever you’d like for dinner,” I get reprimanded. :)
You are completely potty trained during the day now, and sometimes good at night too.  However, we are still working on sleeping through the night.  For a while you were sleeping in a play tent we had placed on your mattress.  It seemed to make you feel safe (and got us out of laying down in bed with you, although we still had to stay with you until you fell asleep).  You decided after a couple weeks that you didn’t like the tent, but at least we still don’t have to lay down with you.  Most nights you wake up at 3 or 4 and come to our bed. You’ve even taken to bringing your water cup with you, which is convenient.  The other morning, you woke me up to tell me “Mom, I peed on my hand and wiped it on your bed.”  Not sure how it happened, but I guess I appreciate that you told me?!?
You are officially pacifier free, which I admit, took longer than it should have.  The truth is that you are such a chatterbox when you lay down in bed it was the best way to make you quiet.  Now you just babble to yourself instead of us, which is OK too.  Sometimes you’ll be whispering who knows what to yourself until the second you conk out.
Your favorite toys these days are the Batman bat cave Grandma and Grandpa gave you (you could pretend to fight bad guys for hours!) and the gears that Kate and Jeff got you – it’s like moving Legos to you.  You really go through phases still with your toys, so I’m sure it will change next week.  You still love to read books and are doing a great job of sounding out words.  Unfortunately you have most books memorized after the 2nd or 3rd time we read them to you, so its difficult to tell if you are reading some words or just know it by heart Of course that also makes it difficult with the long ones when we try to skip a sentence or two to get through it faster and you catch us!  You love to play games on PBSkids on my computer or play games on the iPod.  You also love to show off your “inja moves”, which are pretty sweet.  You do crazy spins and poses.  It all started in an aisle at Costco for some reason.
You know a crazy amount of music, and your tastes are expanding.  The other day you were singing along to a song by One Republic and it cracked me up!  Somehow you pick up the lyrics by hearing the songs only a few times.  It’s pretty awesome.  Glee of course is still your favorite, although since there haven’t been new episodes for a while we haven’t watched it as much.
All in all, you are a total joy and crackup.  You make me giggle and bust out laughing ten times a day.  I can’t even imagine my life before you even more – you are the best part about it.  Thanks for being such a good boy and so much fun.  I love you more than there are stars in the sky, buddy!!!

Love, Mommy

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