logan - three years old

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Logan,

Oh, my goodness, little man.  You are officially three years old, and it breaks my heart!  You are growing up so fast - if only I could find a way to slow things down.  You still agree that you are my baby (thank goodness), but boy, you truly are a big boy these days.  I couldn't be more proud of you. You are even more amazing than I ever imagined you would be at three and it blows my mind!

You are such a caring little guy and so thoughtful and generous.  You always offer us some of your snack - even if it is the yummiest thing you have ever eaten like M&Ms.  Almost every day, you say to one or both of us, "How was your day, cutie?" (I'm pretty sure you got the "cutie" from me).  Sometimes at night when I'm laying with you, you reach out and stroke my hair so gently.  It almost brings tears to my eyes!  You've gotten much better with manners and often say please and thank you without being reminded.

You are in this kick of calling us various names.  I'm not so sure I like this one.  I mean who wants to be called "cuckoo head"?  I blame the five year olds in your classroom.  The other day when I picked you up from school you looked me dead serious and said, "Mommy, guess what?  Chicken butt!".  Then you burst into giggles. I struggled to keep a straight face.

Speaking of straight faces, you have the most expressive facial expressions of any child I've ever known.  I think you get it from me.  Case in point (you found presenting opening "very hard"):

You reason with us like a 5 year old, which can be quite frustrating. You've started the "why" stage, asking me 14 million times a day. You say things to us like "First we have to..." and "Actually...". My favorite is your response when we tell you something is wrong or bad - "But it sure is fun!" and you kind of giggle. :)

You are electronics obsessed, just like your daddy.  It doesn't matter if it is the iphone, ipod, my laptop, or video games, you know exactly how to operate them and you want to play on them all the time.  You get to use a computer at school and are so excited to work on it almost every morning.  I've started to let you play on the PBS website on my laptop and you can do it without even the mouse (just the touchpad).  I wish you went outside to play a bit more instead of doing all that, but it is winter and it gets dark before we get home, so I guess we can live with it for now!

You are getting better about eating different things again, although you definitely have your favorites.  You prefer "orange" cheese (cheddar) to "white" cheese (string cheese).  You love soup - just about any kind but particularly Italian Wedding Soup or Chicken Noodle, which is your selection about 50% of the time when I ask you what you want for dinner - the other 50% is either chicken nuggets or pizza.  Speaking of pizza you can eat about 1-1/2 slices of pepperoni if we let you!  Except for Anthony's of course, which is a lot bigger than a normal slice.  You are also a chocoholic like mommy!

You are already girl crazy, which is pretty cute.  The redheads are your favorite - including Jessie and Ariel.  You take an old Ariel magnet with you to bed sometimes.  But you also like Princess Fiona a lot and often talk about the girls on other shows and movies we let you watch. 

You are a blast, buddy, and growing up way too quickly.  I can't believe three years ago we had a teeny tiny newborn to cuddle.  Good thing you still give me cuddles or I'd be a wreck.  Can't wait to see what the next year brings us with you around, buddy.  Love you more than there are stars in the sky!!



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