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Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday!  I'm late this week but I have a good excuse (and gave you a fourth item to make up for it).  We had a our first sale at DSSP and I was busy putting the finishing touches on it!  Yay! 

Do you Pinterest?  It's an awesome source for saving all your favorite projects all over the internet.  G & I are addicted to it!  You can "pin" any site that has an image - blog post, recipe from a recipe site, item in a shop, etc.  You set up "pinboards" based on the themes you want and pin to them.  I love that it stores those favorites as images - much easier to find the project you were looking for.

The best part is that you can "follow" other pinners and see what they've pinned - that's where I find a lot of new blog inspiration!  If you pinterest, you can find me at  Make sure to let me know your pinterest board so I can follow you too!  If you don't pinterest yet, I have a few invitations left I can share.  Unfortunately since it is still in development it is only accessible by invitation.  Oh, and you need a facebook account to signup!

So in honor of my love of pinterest, I'm sharing some recent "pins".  Some of these were items I found and pinned, others are pins of others that I loved and "repinned".

1. Love these sweet mini mailboxes from Crafting Chicks- sounds like a fun easy project!  I'm going to have to hunt the mailboxes down at Target!

2. I LOVE buffalo sauce, but not a big wing eater because that's not my favorite piece of the chicken.  So I love finding inventive recipes using those flavors (like my sis-in-law's Buffalo Dip!).  I'm also on a New Year's kick of making a slow cooker meal every Monday (prep on Sunday) in hopes we eat better home-cooked meals.  So this slow cooker recipe for Buffalo Chicken Soup looks perfect!  By the way, if you haven't visited  A Year of Slow Cooking, you should - a TON of slow cooker recipes!!

3. This Gathered Heart Pillow is adorable!  Full tutorial over at V & Co.!!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Does this work for recipes too? I would like to try it out. Seems like my recipe boxes in different websites are hard to access when I don't remember where they were when I need them. I don't print them or I would have a stack of papers! Can you send me an invitation if they do??? Thanks sis!

  2. Seems everyone is talking pinterest these days. I was semi-impressed. The only thing I didn't like is that when I tried to click through to a few things, it would take me to a blog/store home page and not to the item that was pinned. So then you have to dig to try to find it. Otherwise, love the inspiration.

    And I printed out that pillow tut when she posted it. I am SO making that this weekend!

  3. B - I think that's an issue with whoever did the pinning. Pinterest ties back to whatever site you are on when you click "pin it". So if you are on the main blog page reading a post and click to pin, it ties to the blog, not the post. You need to click the post so it is on the actual post's url. I notice this on a lot of folks I repin from - they don't realize they aren't on the actual post. Stores can sometimes be more difficult - if they use flash I don't think it works. I have never had a problem with blogs as long as I remember to be on the post url, not the main blog. Hope that helps!


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