four on friday

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday!  I'm late this week but I have a good excuse (and gave you a fourth item to make up for it).  We had a our first sale at DSSP and I was busy putting the finishing touches on it!  Yay! 

Do you Pinterest?  It's an awesome source for saving all your favorite projects all over the internet.  G & I are addicted to it!  You can "pin" any site that has an image - blog post, recipe from a recipe site, item in a shop, etc.  You set up "pinboards" based on the themes you want and pin to them.  I love that it stores those favorites as images - much easier to find the project you were looking for.

The best part is that you can "follow" other pinners and see what they've pinned - that's where I find a lot of new blog inspiration!  If you pinterest, you can find me at  Make sure to let me know your pinterest board so I can follow you too!  If you don't pinterest yet, I have a few invitations left I can share.  Unfortunately since it is still in development it is only accessible by invitation.  Oh, and you need a facebook account to signup!

So in honor of my love of pinterest, I'm sharing some recent "pins".  Some of these were items I found and pinned, others are pins of others that I loved and "repinned".

1. Love these sweet mini mailboxes from Crafting Chicks- sounds like a fun easy project!  I'm going to have to hunt the mailboxes down at Target!

2. I LOVE buffalo sauce, but not a big wing eater because that's not my favorite piece of the chicken.  So I love finding inventive recipes using those flavors (like my sis-in-law's Buffalo Dip!).  I'm also on a New Year's kick of making a slow cooker meal every Monday (prep on Sunday) in hopes we eat better home-cooked meals.  So this slow cooker recipe for Buffalo Chicken Soup looks perfect!  By the way, if you haven't visited  A Year of Slow Cooking, you should - a TON of slow cooker recipes!!

3. This Gathered Heart Pillow is adorable!  Full tutorial over at V & Co.!!

Happy Friday!!
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