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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Need some ideas for teacher gifts for the holidays?  We usually give some little fun things with a gift card to somewhere like Target or Walmart.  I'm intrigued by some of these ideas!

1. Love how Crafting Chicks put some adorable handmade glass pebble magnets in a refurbished altoids tin for this cute gift!

2. Emilie Handmade walks you through making this cool clock for your favorite teacher. LOVE the font!

3. These magnetic bookmarks by Erica featured on Mouse Paper Lovely require some digi skills as is, but if you used cute papers you wouldn't even need your computer!
4. And for getting through all those early mornings spent with your crazy hyper child (oh, is it only my child who bounces off the wall when we first walk into the classroom?), your teacher could use this cute coffee cozy!  This one was made by Sew She Sews - she includes a link to the tutorial she used.

5. This tutorial by Craft Sanity for these super cute key fobs looks so simple - it would be perfect for mass producing for multiple teachers - or neighbors!

What is your go-to teacher gift?

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  1. How did you know I was just looking for ideas for teacher gifts!?!? With daycare, we have 4 teachers to make gifts for. Oy! But I also want something my kid can have a hand in. So I'm thinking chocolate covered pretzels (with sprinkles) and maybe a $5 gift card to Starbucks.


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