#reverb10: day 11

Monday, December 13, 2010

December 11 – 11 Things What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)

1. Clutter - Enough said.  Plan - declutter and donate!
2. Extra Weight - Working on this one already.  I'm back on Weight Watchers with just a goal to feel healthy and comfortable in my clothes.
3. Impatience - I get impatient with my son far more than I'd like.  I'm thinking slowing down and remembering that this time with him young is so short will help this.
4. Pressure (from myself) - No one is forcing me to blog on a certain schedule.  No one is wondering why I didn't have an advent calendar made by December 1 or why my scrapbooks are so far behind.  That is all completely self inflicted pressure.  I need to turn these items into goals, not "must dos".  No one but me is keeping score.
5. Personal Deadlines - I too often set myself up for failure in setting my goals by establishing deadlines - both in random craft projects I want to make and in things like losing weight.  Then if I get to a point that I feel like I won't make my goal in enough time, I just give up.  So my plan is to stop with the deadlines and just make goals.  No one but me is keeping score as to when these things get done!
6. Procrastination - I'm terrible about this.  I'll find anything to distract me when there is something (like laundry!) that I'd rather not do.  I think part of the next item will help me on this!
7. Distraction/Multitasking - I have spoken of this often.  I don't need to check my email five times in the middle of a report I'm writing.  I don't need to be emptying the dishwasher while I'm talking on the phone.  There is nothing wrong with focusing on one thing at a time.  So my plan is to be more present.
8. Paper - I am not entirely sure what my plan is here, but I need to figure out a way to get control over our excess paper!  Mail, school documents, etc.  My first plan is to get a better shredder!
9. This much computer time - Between the two blogs, facebook, twitter, multiple email accounts, digital scrapbooking, etc, I'm thinking I need to seriously cut back.  I'm going to set myself some limits in the new year as a resolution.
10. So many blogs in my Google Reader - seriously, it stresses me out to see this many unread items!  Sad, I know.  I'm thinking I need to deal with this like clutter in my home - one new subscription, one unsubscribed.  My life will not be worse because I didn't follow a certain blog!!
11. Empty Boxes - I blame my husband for this.  I think it is a disorder he inherited from his mom.  We do not need a box for every piece of electronics we own.  If we've had it more than 6 months and it is worth less than $250, I'm trashing it during the week off between holidays!!

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  1. Remind me to show you my file system when you are here for Christmas. It has really helped me with the organization of all my papers. Paper has to get filed as soon as I touch it - it actually works!


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