#reverb day 7

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 7 – Community.  Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? (Author: Cali Harris)

I mentioned before that 2010 involved a job change.  Interestingly, it was a change back to the job I'd had previously.  Some folks thought it was a strange move.  Who goes back to a job they left?  For me it was a no brainer.  The partners in this consulting firm are two people that I've known since college.  Actually one of them hired me at my first internship which turned into my first job post-college in 1998.  The other was a project manager at that company and one of the first employees in their Denver office.  They've always treated me like family.

They left that company to start their own consulting firm in 1999.  When I started with them in 2003, I was their first full time employee.  They are a consulting firm, and had only a part time receptionist and a part time bookeeper helping them.  The company we'd all worked for before was closing their Denver office and I was excited to have this opportunity to work with them again. Being a small company, they didn't have anything in the way of benefits.  My husband and I weren't married yet, but his company allowed him to put me on their insurance plan since we lived together.  It worked out well for a while until he was laid off and it took him nearly five months to find a new job.

Being without any health insurance got scary.  We knew he'd have to take a pay cut, so my salary became more important.  And we wanted to have a baby shortly after getting married - how would I take a maternity leave if I was their only employee?

So I took another opportunity presented to me by a company that we consulted for - it was a lot more money and security that I couldn't get at the consulting firm.  I was so stressed to tell them I was leaving.  I burst into tears when I made my confession.  Who cries when giving notice like that?  I should have known it was a sign not to leave.

The funny thing was that I really didn't have to leave.  My husband had (in a weird twist) interviewed for the same job I was taking.  I found out a couple months into the job that he was going to be offered the job if I didn't take it! 

I spent 5 years at this other company.  It wasn't too bad - even fun sometimes.  I met some great girlfriends (including G, my partner for our party site!) and got to see some amazing places while traveling for them.  The travel and the corporate attitude got to me so I jumped at the chance to go back to the consulting firm that I'd left.

But they had really grown in this time, even in this tough economy.  They had seven full time employees and a handful of contract employees.  Still a very small office, but dramatically different than what I'd known back when it was just the three of us.  But that community accepted me with open arms.  It was still awkward and strange - like I expected them to stand still while I was gone.  But I'm making new friends in this small new commmunity and it feels good to be a part of it!

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  1. Well some of us still miss you and wish we could work with you more often. :) But we're happy you're happier!


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