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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've been wanting to make Logan an advent calendar since oh, about December 2008.  This year I finally got around to it!

Yes, it is a day late.  And yes, I oversimplified my design to make it something that I could actually accomplish.

But it is finished and I'm pretty happy with it!

It's pretty simple actually.  I used this advent calendar by maya made as inspiration.

She used empty toilet paper tubes!  How brilliant is that!  Of course I didn't see it until it was too late to collect that many empty toilet paper tubes (and I thought it would be weird to ask my friends to save them). 

So instead I selected 23 (yes, 23 - we are leaving town on the 23rd so it seemed silly to make 24 or 25!) cute and coordinating scrapbook pages in red and white/silver. I cut them down to 8x8. I wanted my tubes/cones (not sure what to call them!) a little larger to hold some larger goodies I had, but you could easily make them 6x6 and buy only like 6 sheets of paper.

I then rolled each square into a cylinder/tube shape and stapled it closed.  Since I wasn't worried about what the back looked like, this was the most efficient and secure way to keep them in their shape.
Then I used a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine and sewed them all closed on one end. 
I printed date circles (by Ali - find them here) in red on white paper.  Then I punched them out with my 1.5" circle punch. I used the paper scraps from my patterned paper and my 2" scallop punch to make the backing for the circles, then used some adhesive to mount them to the little cones/tubes.
I thought about using ribbon and hanging them like the ones on this cute Advent Calendar by the Red Thread.  But that would involve hunting down a branch or two.  Again, my goal was to just get it done! (although this would be a great upgrade to the tubes next year!)

So I cut some hemp cord, swagged (is that a word?) it along my fireplace, and attached them with plain clothespins.

If I have time this weekend, I might make my clothespins a little more coordinated with this tutorial from Young House Love over on Babycenter.

But if I don't have the time, I'm still pretty happy with the way it turned out!  The point is that it is done, I think it's cute and Logan gets to enjoy his Advent treats and we are starting a Christmas tradition I've been wanting to do since he was born.  OK, maybe since he was like 364 days old, because I'll say when he was born on December 26 an advent calendar was the last thing I was thinking about!. 

Yay!  First Christmas project done!!


  1. You should have called me! I have a whole drawer full of tp and paper towel tubes. (I save them for our daycare who uses them for crafts...but I haven't bagged them up to send in for awhile. The drawer is about to overflow it's been so long.)

    Love the scrapbook paper though. So festive! And I bet Logan loves it! The best way to get my boy out of bed in December is to simply ask "are you ready to open the next door?" And away he goes... : )

  2. Heather! It looks awesome. I am so jealous that we are still using the store-bought rinky-dink one at our house because I didn't get around to making the one I wanted. Heck! I couldn't even decide which one I wanted!


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