five on friday (aka, yep, I forgot three on thursday)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sorry about that!  My work week has been a bit crazy and I missed Three on Thursday as I'd promised last week!  So we'll have one more week of Five on Friday to make up for it.  I am SO looking forward to the weekend!!

1. My son loves to do the paint with water books, but they are kind of difficult to find these days (hint to grandma for his stocking!!).  But who knew you could make them yourself?????  According to Inspired Ideas you just need watercolor paper and watercolor pencils to make your own paint with water pages.  Maybe I can get them for niece and she will make him some pictures.  Hmmm....

2. I've been thinking of making gingerbread houses with Logan.  But it seemed like a daunting task until I saw these instructions for graham cracker houses!  No baking involved!  Thanks, Martha!

3. These Gingerbread Man ornaments from Noodlehead crack me up. :)  Might have to make one for Logan!

4. I definitely want to make Logan some Magic Reindeer Food this year!  Love this cute package featured on Mouse Paper Lovely!

5. I'm thinking these Chocolate Biscotti (or bis coati? - you know who you are!) would make a sweet teacher gift if packaged with some of the tags I featured previously.  This recipe is from eating out loud.

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