a recent conversation (or two) about pumpkins

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Logan saw some mini pumpkins at school and told me he wanted to get one, so when we picked two up at the store last week, he was quite excited.

This is the conversation getting back in the car after buying them:
L: Are these pumpkins for eating or decorating?
M: We should decorate them, buddy.  The little ones like this aren't really for eating.
L: I don't want to decorate it.  I just want to sit with it and watch a show.

Later on, Logan was so enamored with his pumpkins that he took one to bed with him.  He put it under his shirt (which must have been cold!).  Trung asked why he had a pumpkin under his shirt.
L: It's not a pumpkin!  It's a baby!

(Note to my family, no, I am NOT pregnant!).
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