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Monday, November 15, 2010

We had such a busy weekend, but it was an amazing one at that.  So although I don't have a page to share, I have a memory I want to document so I won't forget the details when I do get to making the page!   
Saturday was our cousin's wedding day, and she had asked Logan to be her ring bearer.  I admit, I was super skeptical.  He's not even three yet, and the ceremony was scheduled for the middle of nap time!

Since there was a Vietnamese ceremony prior, my hubby, his sister and her husband headed up early in the morning.  Logan was cooperative and laid down for a nap pretty early in the day.  He was up by 12:45 and had some lunch.  We got in the car and headed out, planning to get to the church by 2 since the ceremony started at 2:30.  I didn't want him to wrinkle his tux, so I planned to dress him there.

We got to the church a few minutes after two and met Trung outside, who told me there was a mistake on the invitation and the wedding was starting right away!  We raced inside and got Logan dressed super fast.  I had packed a bunch of candy bribery, so he had a roll of Smarties while getting in his tux.

He was tentative walking down the aisle. Our plan to have Auntie waiting at the end of the aisle didn't work because she was stuck in the pew behind Grandma. I wasn't able to get his attention so Trung carried him down the aisle. But then Logan stood up at the altar all by himself. He held our cousin's hand (the maid of honor) most of the ceremony, and even sat nicely beside her while they had to be seated. He tried to sit on his ring bearer pillow in the pew - yeah, buddy. I know those pews can be pretty hard. :)  We snuck him pieces of candy while he sat in the pew in front of us.

When they started the vows, the bride handed her bouquet to her maid of honor.  She then handed Logan her smaller bouquet.  He did a good job holding the bouquet and the ring pillow and standing still at the same time.

He stood up there so good and quiet.  When everyone turned toward the altar he knelt down on the step, but held onto that bouquet and pillow!  He even walked back down the aisle with the maid of honor - too cute!
I hear there are some super cute photos from the photographer while he was waiting to walk down the aisle, so I'm excited to see those.  I was super proud of my little guy.  Even if it took a roll of Smarties and a fun size bag of M&Ms. :)

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  1. I just looked at the pictures from the wedding and I was amazed to see so many of him still standing at the front with the couple. What a helpful young man. He looked so cute holding the flowers and his pillow. What a sweetie.


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