logan - 35 months

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dear Logan,

Little guy, how did you get so smart?  You amaze me all the time with your words and now with your attempts at reading.  You try so hard to sound out words and do a pretty good job!  You know how to spell so many words already - just the other day you put three letters together with your fridge magnets and came running excitedly to me to tell me you'd spelled dog.  And you sure did!  I was so proud!

Of course, using phrases or words we don't quite like comes with the territory.  You had a spell of saying "what the heck?" at everything, although with a funny twang so it came out more like "what the haayeck?"  It was so hard not to laugh.  I think we have you pretty much cured of that one, but we get lots of random cuckoohead, poopiehead, and chicken butt that we need to deal with.  I think it is all those older kids in class.  You've even started saying "doh!" like Homer Simpson!  Another favorite is "stinky socks".  It doesn't make any sense when you say it - but it ALWAYS cracks you up!

You are superhero obsessed these days - OBSESSED.  Every day you tell us you are a different one.  Lately it has been Cyclops or the Incredible Hulk.  And you have determined that I can be any superhero as long as the word "girl" has been added to the end.  Like Iron Girl.  Or Spider Girl.  Then we fight off bad guys and put them in jail.  You get pretty animated when fighting those bad guys!

You also have a cute obsession with redheaded girls.  You've always loved Jessie from Toy Story (more than Woody or Buzz for some reason) but now you also carry around this Little Mermaid magnet I have.  You like to have one of them in bed with you at night and tell me they have red hair like me and Auntie Kelly.  I'd like to think your love for them is all about your love for me. :)  It sure is cute!

You love to read the Grinch book before bedtime and know most of the words.  It's my favorite book to read with you.  I remember watching the move in TV every year and I love sharing that with you.  You tell me how he is mean but then he turns nice.  And you can help me read it since you have most of it memorized.  It's the best!  We've started snuggling in "Auntie's bed" to read it (the extra bedroom bed, which will always be Auntie's bed in your mind) and it is my favorite time of day!

You were a ring bearer for our cousin's wedding this month and you did such a good job!  You are such a big boy and I couldn't be more proud of you, buddy.  You are such a little man and getting much better at listening and following directions.  You still like to show us you are in charge, but I can tell you are getting more mature.  You've even started to show embarrassment occasionally, which makes me sad but I guess that is a sign of growing up.

You'll be three next month and I have some serious mixed emotions.  How has it gone so fast?  The last three years of my life have without a doubt been the best because of you.  I can't wait to see all the thing you will discover at three.  But I am already wondering what happened to my toddler - you are such a little boy now! 

You are without a doubt the best part of my life, buddy.  I love you more than there are stars in the sky!

Love, Mommy

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