five on friday

Friday, November 19, 2010

What a crazy week it was!  I'm so thankful for Friday - and even more thankful that next week is a short week!  I have a girls night out tomorrow night so I'm also extra thankful for a great weekend coming up too!  Have a wonderful one!

1. How perfect would it be to wake up on a lovely fall (or winter I guess now) morning to these babies?  Apple Butter Cinnamon Rolls with Apple Cider Icing.  YUM.

2. So there is no way I'll get enough placemats made for Thanksgiving, but this turkey placemat from this guest post on Ucreate sure would be cute to make for Logan's setting!

3. This ribbon/wrapping paper organizer from Blue Cricket Design would sure come in handy for the holidays!  She includes instructions on how to make it!

4. Here's a cute no sew banner made from doilies from Mod Podge Rocks as featured on eighteen25!

5. Finally, here's a deal from Starbucks for you!  They are having a Buy One Get One Free on holiday drinks (peppermint mocha, gingerbread latte, caramel brulee latte, etc.) each day from 2-5PM through the 21st.  Too bad my sister doesn't live here so we can share peppermint mochas (our favorite!).  I'm sure she and my niece will be headed there though!  While you are at it, if you text 29943 to 12Days, Starbucks will send you 12 days of daily deals via text message. 


  1. I just wish Starbucks would put more non-coffee drinks on that special. Well, and that someone would put one closer to me. But then I'd probably go broke. :)

    And yea, I NEED those cinnamon rolls! Stat!

  2. What really stinks is that Starbucks raises the prices of Peppermint mochas over the holidays. I'm paying an extra 60 cents for my addiction that I can get all year long:( But it hasn't stopped me--got my free coupon in the mail because I earned enough points--yeah for me! I also can't wait for the text savings in December!!


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