memory monday: december daily

Monday, October 11, 2010

Last year I participated in Ali Edwards' December Daily in a digital format.  Loved the concept and how it captured our preparations for Christmas.  However I lacked inspiration when I put it all together - probably because it was after Christmas!

In one of the recent Paperclipping Roundtable episodes, Noell talked about how she liked to scrapbook leading up to the holiday with last year's pictures because she was getting in the holiday spirit - for example she is scrapbooking 2009 Halloween pictures now.  I love that idea, and think if I prep my December Daily before hand to just print the photos and pop them in later, I'd be more likely to stay on track.

I love Ali's format for this year and think I'll give it a shot.  Anyone else with me? 

By the way, I know I lied and said I'd be back to normal memory monday this week with new pages.  Not quite there yet, but I have good intentions for next week! 


  1. I'm in! I'm not a scrapbooker (that's my mom's thing), but this will be perfect for documenting our December Advent activities!

    (And I totally love her simple layout this year.)

  2. I completely agree on this year's layout - for some reason that really appeals to me! She has lots more posts and video too up now - make sure to check it out!


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