logan - 34 months

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Logan,

You are only two months away from turning three!  How is it possible that my baby is such a big boy?  A few weeks ago you were telling me that one of your friends had a baby (a little brother).  You told me "I don't have a baby."  And I responded that you were right.  Then you looked at me with a silly grin and said "But I'm YOUR baby."  You are so right, buddy!

Regardless of being my baby, you've grown so much that you've moved to the next class in your school (Primaries), which is incredible to me.  Everyone in that class is well over three, and I guess because you are advanced enough and potty trained they felt you were ready to move up.  It's been a bit of a rough transition, but not as bad as I'd feared.  You've been generally a trooper and some food bribery usually gets us out the door at dropoff.  There have only been a couple days that it didn't work and we had tears.  That's always so hard for me to leave you sad!

You've been impressing your new teachers with your skills like sounding out words.  I hear you practicing all the time.  We still need practice with the letters like "c", "s" and "t" when they have an "h" after them.  But you always try to sound out words on your own and you do a fairly good job at it!  You know how to spell a few more words like "dad" and "mom" and "chicken" (that one is courtesy a great song you learned in "Minis").

Thanks to no morning snack in your new classroom and a suspected growth spurt, I am now packing you lunches that weigh almost as much as you do.  You are an eating machine ("I'm not a machine, Mommy!") and I'm having a hard time getting creative in healthy snacks to give you.  You've started this new kick of claiming you don't like certain foods that you've always liked (any speck of carrot in your food is now banished) and you are starting to refuse food.  Your current favorites are pumpkin or zucchini bread (particularly if they involve chocolate chips) and "Trail Mix" (which is when I combine pretzels, craisins and raisins for you).  You LOVE Anthony's pizza about as much as you love chicken nuggets.  But you also love just about any soup I make you, which is pretty cool (and makes it easier for me to sneak in those carrots).  You are still big on PB&J too.

You are getting crazy independent these days and have an opinion about just about everything.  You often tell me "that doesn't make any sense, Mommy" with a silly giggle.  You've also starting throwing mini tantrums if we don't let you get your way and have dessert before dinner.  And we've been battling you on picking your nose constantly!

You are still super sweet and give me hugs and kisses and i love yous, which is the best.  You sometimes agree that I'm your best friend (Rachel still usually wins).  But you always tell me that you love me more than there are stars in the sky before going to sleep.  Speaking of sleep, you are still not sleeping through the night and will on occasion still bellow "Somebodyyyyy, come lay down with meeeee!" in the wee hours of the morning.  We are working on that.

You are so in awe with the season right now, and interested in picking up virtually every leaf we come across.  You were pretty excited when we found some acorns on the ground too.  I love that you find joy in my favorite season and that we can share it together.  On the way to school in the morning we talk about the pretty colors of all the trees.  It's the best!  You also LOVE to find the American and Colorado flags and point them out everywhere.  You always say "that's where we live!" and get so excited!

You are growing so fast, buddy.  I wish I could bottle you up and keep you this age forever!  I'm amazed at all you learn every single day and treasure our time together. 

I love you more than there are stars in the sky, Punky-doodle!

Love, Mommy

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