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Friday, October 1, 2010


How did I end up with the silliest boy in the universe?  Seriously, you crack us up on a daily - or hourly - basis!  You like to call us random things and then you say, "I called you xx, Mommy!".  My favorite might have been "boom boom".  Yes, you then said, "I called you Boom Boom, Mommy!"  I'm not sure how this started, but it can range from real words (Sassafras was another funny one) to just complely made up words that have no meaning.  It always cracks you up too!

You've developed this sing song tone of voice, as if you are mock "whining".  For instance, you'll say to me, "I want to play with your I Paaa'wwd!"  It's as if you drag it out (and you always do so in a sweet happy voice so it isn't real whining" you think it is more likely you will get your way.  You even do it with the word "please".  Another common one is "I want some miiiiiii-llllllk."  Sometimes it is cute.  Sometimes, not so much. :)

You had a rough month sleeping between a new tooth, a stomach virus, and a stuffy nose.  I hope we are getting back on track.  In the middle of the night you yell for us, "Somebody!!!!  Come lay down with me!!!"  You belt it out in your loudest voice.  It's funny when you think about it the next morning but not quite so funny at 3AM!  You often sleep in the next morning and some weekday mornings I even have to come wake you up when it gets past seven (although you never seem to sleep past seven on the weekends!?!).  When I do, you are just like a teenager and you pull your blanket over your head!  You are so like your daddy sometimes that it makes me laugh!

Music is still big in your world, and the "People Song" still ranks up there.  Although all the Journey tunes from Glee are big hits in our house.  You mumble sing along with all of them.  I say mumble sing because I'm not entirely sure that you know you are saying the words "cheap perfume" but you sure sing along like you are!  You even know the difference between the Glee version (aka Rachel People Song) and the Journey version (Journey People Song) and get mad if we play the wrong one for you.  You are also big into Daddy's new favorite song "Animal" by Neon Trees.  It's pretty cute to hear you sing along. You love when he pulls out the Rock Band video game and you can sing along to your favorites in a microphone.  You even hold the mic out for me to sing some lyrics - so cute!

You are so smart that it truly blows me away. You know how to spell "open", "mom" and "glee" (not to mention your first and last name).  You can recognize a lot of words on sight too.  Last night I pointed to a word and asked you what it was. You know how to sound some words out so I figured you would.  Instead you just said the word - it was "yes"!  We hadn't even practiced that one!  I'm sure you are going to be reading in no time!

You are transitioning into the Primary class in school, which makes me kind of sad because it means you are so grown up!  I know they are transitioning you early because you need more challenges.  It worries me slightly that your personality will fade into the background in that room of 3 and 4 year olds.  You get a little shy around other kids sometimes (although not in your current classroom) and get quiet.  I hope you let your personality shine over there because I sure think it's spectacular!

We made some amazing breakthrough with potty training this week (oddly while you had the stomach virus!) and you now tell us when you have to go.  You haven't had an accident (other than through the night, though we still have you in pullups then!) in over a week!

We love you so much, buddy!  And we are incredibly proud of you.  You are the coolest kid we know (I know, we are a little biased) and I absolutely love spending time with you.  Thanks for being such an amazing little guy and bringing so much sunshine into our lives!!! 


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