five on friday

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today's a special five on friday brought to you by - I HAVE THE DAY OFF!!! :)

Enjoy the links - click on the photos to find them.  I'll have more about my weekend activities later this weekend.  Happy Friday!

1. I just bought Logan a new winter hat, but I might have to make this one featured on Ucreate as a backup.  He has a giant head, so finding him a good size is difficult!  It might be easier to make it!
2. Love this cozy pillow from jones design company!  What a great use for a thrifted sweater.  I'll have to hit up some thrift shops soon - scraps would be great for mittens!
3. It seems like Bakerella gets a feature on my blog every week!  She just makes such delectable treats!  Here's a super easy recipe for Pecan Pumpkin Butter Dessert Squares.  She suggests using other butters too - great idea!

4. These paper wall flowers featured over on Ucreate are absolutely beautiful!  There's a tutorial and printable in her link!
5. This playmat from homemade by jill is INCREDIBLE.  Seriously, this must have taken forever to make and she did an absolutely amazing job.  Any volunteers to make L one?  Because I don't have this patience!!  Make sure to click the photo to see more photos.  Her attention to detail is amazing!

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