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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BIG news in the our household – today is the launch day of my new adventure with my friend Gretchen!  We’ve started a new blog and etsy store dedicated to one of our most favorite things – parties!!

Between Gretchen’s hostess and sewing skills, and my paper-crafting and (limited) internet skills, we’ve teamed up to bring our take on parties to the world!

Our etsy store features “party packs” – everything you need (except the food and the disposable utensils/plates) to throw a super cute party of your own.  That way you can focus on the important part – celebrating!  We have four packs in the store with more to come this week!

Our blog will be more general with fun ideas on everything party-related – excuses to party, party themes, recipes, etc.  Our goal is to help those too busy to plan an event down to the (and hopefully save them some cash too!).  No party is off limits – we’ll cover birthdays, showers, holiday parties, dinner parties – and some more fun ideas for parties that we have will all be covered!

Please check it out and share it with your friends.  And if you have any great party ideas to share, please do!  We are on the hunt for fresh ideas!

Party on!  (hee hee, I couldn’t resist).


  1. I threw a shout-out on our photo site for you! Good luck with the new venture! Party on! :)

  2. I have an idea to add to your awesome party kits! Since the party kits revolve around cupcakes, it would be really great (and easy effort for you, which is nice!) to add a simple little recipe card to the kit with one of your favorite from-scratch cupcake recipes! I'm sure you both have a few family favs and if not, I have a ton of tried & true recipes you can use. :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out. :) You are reading our minds - we do plan to share cupcake recipes! Only they'll be on our blog! We do have plans for thank you gifts with our orders too - little free bonuses. Want to go into business with us? :)

  4. You KNOW that I have time on my hands these days and I could use a home hobby! So if you're short of manual labor & time, consider me in. I'd love to help you two busy moms in any way to see this venture take off, so let's talk. :)


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