sewing on sunday: baby edition

Sunday, September 5, 2010

This edition of sewing on sunday is devoted to babies!  I know what you are all thinking - Heather must have baby on the brain for some reason.  So let's clear this up right away.  No, I am NOT pregnant.  There are just a lot of cute gifts out there!  And if any of my lovely friends ever decides to have a little one, I'm prepared with gift ideas.  As always, click the photo for the link!

This quilted playmat featured on purlbee is gorgeous!  I wish I had something like this around when we were trying to introduce tummy time!

Look at this pile of beautiful burp cloths featured on Ucreate.  Might as well make the best of the situation, right?  Tutorial is by jones design company.

This crib caddy by Craftiness is Not Optional is perfect to get you a few more minutes of shuteye!  Logan loved to look at books in his crib, but would inevitably roll over on them and wake up.  This gets them out of the way and provides entertainment for those early morning hours, giving you a little more sleep!

Logan loves his soft fleecy blankets.  So I might still have an opportunity to make this sweet minky blanket as shown on Crafting Chicks.

You know I'm obsessed with monograms, even baby style.  This taggie monogram by Blue Cricket Designs would be cute as a gift, or as the gift tag! 

And I'm just as obsessed with baby booties (see here and here).  Here's another tutorial from Tao of Craft.  Look at those adorable little feet!

Have a wonderful day!!

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