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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Logan was a total daddy's boy before he was a year old.  I would get so heartbroken because he'd reach out for him in tears when I was holding him.  Somewhere around one year it changed.  And my travel for work didn't help anything - he became more and more clingy to me.

We've evened out a bit here in the last year, but if you ask Logan who he loves more (and Trung does often) he'll almost always say Mommy.  Of course lately his answer is Rachel (even if she wasn't an option) but Mommy wins out more than Daddy.

Last night after the usual quiz of who he loves more, we had the following conversation.

T: You are such a mama's boy!
M: Are you a mama's boy, buddy?
L: Uh huh.  Mommy, are you a Logan's girl?
M: (chuckling) I sure am, buddy.

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