happy feet

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why are my feet happy?  Because I got a little package in the mail.

Of course it was in a mailing envelope, but inside that mailing envelope was the cutest wrapping of a sewing pattern with a pretty satin ribbon.  I'm a sucker for some cute wrapping.  And inside that pretty little package where the cutest shoes a girl could ask for.

How can a $20 pair of shoes make me so happy?  Because they were made to my specifications ("I want the plaid ones, except with teal roses, and can you put them off-center?").  And affordable and comfy.

I asked Logan what he thought about my shoes and he said, "They are cool!"  Trung just thought I was weird for dancing around in my new shoes.

I love that I can support handmade products AND find something uniquely me.  Thanks Haute Blue B!!  I LOVE them!


  1. You are the cutest thing ever! This post gave me chills! Knowing that something I made with my heart and my own two hands brought you this much JOY is exactly why I love blogging, love handmade, and love FOCUS.

    Life is big, life is crazy, life is busy...but when you really stop to think about it...life is simply about finding joy and beauty in each and every thing.

    Thanks! You made my weekend!


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