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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday!  You know, it occurred to me that I'm behind on my letter to Logan and my monthly roundup this month.  So those will follow this weekend.  But let's get on with today's regular schedule.  As always, click the photos for the link!  Have a great weekend!

1. How about this for a chocolate craving? Good (Cheap) Eats has a recipe for DOUBLE CHOCOLATE TOFFEE COOKIES. Do I even need to say more?
2. I love just about every post I see at How About Orange, and this sewing roundup is no different.  Look at these great projects you can find through her link!
3. Here's a great project for fabric that requires no sewing courtesy of Mod Podge Rocks (another fun site).  I've made photo mats from fabric before (from the fabric from my wedding attendant skirts - I matted a photo of all of us together for each of them!) but this is a much better way to accomplish that look!
4. I love this idea to use up fun scraps for a great snake toy for Logan!  Blue Cricket Design has a guest post tutorial on how to make one.

5. This refresh of the Young House Love postcard wall is so inspiring.  I think this would be amazing in a craft room or play room!

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