sewing on sunday

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This edition of sewing on sunday is all about pretty.  No other relevant theme other than they make me happy. :)  As always, click the photo for the link.

1. This is an amazing way to showcase cute fabric and a monogram.  Looks like it would take a lot of patience, but totally worth it!

2. This mobile is amazing.  I'm thinking this is a mobile worth putting outside a nursery - it's too beautiful to only let baby enjoy!

3. Super cute skirt - I have some great fabric to use on this one.

4. This how to shows a great way to customize a roller shade.  Great for a room that you need to black out.  Like, oh, my "wake up at dawn" two year old's room perhaps?

5. This is a shower curtain, but I see no reason to use this to make gorgeous curtains for any room of the house.  Again, my fabric stash is bursting with possibilities!

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