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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big news - I sent in my quilt this week to be quilted!!  I'm still planning to do Logan's myself - hopefully. :)

In honor of that momentous occasion, here's a roundup of amazing quilt inspiration.  As always, click the photo for the link!

1. I'm a sucker for bunting/pennants in any craft form.  Love it in a quilt!

2. Love the strips on this one.  Very clean look for lots of cute fabric!

3. This is a truly unique use of those gorgeous scraps!

4. GORGEOUS white space on this one.  LOVE IT!

5. I like the idea of an I-Spy quilt (Logan is particularly into the game these days) but I haven't seen one I've particularly liked until now.  Love the rainbow effect on this one.

6. What a cute idea for a baby gift! 

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