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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today at a school apparently they had a discussion on who Marah's boyfriend is (she's a little girl about his age).  Someone asked her who her boyfriend was and she replied, "Miles!".  You may recall that Cleo is Logan's "best friend" at school (as opposed to Rachel and Mommy, his other best friends).  But apparently this discussion with Marah upset him because he yelled at her that he was her boyfriend, not Miles.  When he got home tonight we had this discussion.

M: Logan, who's Marah's boyfriend!
L: Logan!
M: So who is Miles's girlfriend?
L: Mia!
M: Who's Karly's boyfriend?
L: I don't know!
M: Is it Owen? Or Donovan?
L: Donovan!
M: Who is Ariana's boyfriend then?
L: Carson! (Carson is her twin so a little weird there).
L: Carson is a biter!
M: Carson is a biter?
L: And Owen too!  And Donovan is a hitter and Karly is a hitter and Carson is a pincher too!

I'm not sure how it turned into a tattle tale session.  Or how he concluded that if Carson bites someone that he is then a "biter".  But now I know who to keep my eye on!

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