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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thanks to my husband, Rock Band and Glee, Logan has a unique list of songs he loves and his own unique names for them.  I take no responsibility for this list.

People song = Don't Stop Believing
Walk Away song = More Than a Feeling
Broke Broke song = Gold Digger
Dump Truck song = The Thong Song (that one is thanks to Glee - I SWEAR!)
Rollin' song = Proud Mary
Grabity = Defying Gravity
Jessie's song = When She Loved Me
Cowboy song = Should Have Been a Cowboy
Mama song = Bohemian Rhapsody
Give You Help = Gives You Hell (yeah, I'm not correcting him anytime soon!)

Other songs he knows by the real title:
Dream On
Safety Dance
U Can't Touch This
Ice Ice Baby
Any Way You Want It
Young Forever (yes, by Jay Z)

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