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Monday, August 2, 2010

Yikes, I didn't do a roundup for June!  Must have been vacation brain.  That's OK, July was more fun anyway!  Here's my monthly roundup!  You'll notice I changed my questions 1 and 5 - they were too similar to the others.  Oh, and if you are interested in where I got this idea (and her great questions - very different from mine), head over to see Katie.

1. What new things did we try this month?

We took Logan to see his first movie in the theater - Toy Story 3. He's so sensitive that he spent a good part of the movie in tears. He'd been that way with movies when we first let him watch them, but I guess he's seen those so many times they don't upset him anymore. There were a couple parts where he got scared, but mostly the tears were because he was empathizing with the characters on screen when they were upset.  We had to leave the theater a few times because he was crying so loud!  Luckily we'd waited until the movie was out for a while so there weren't too many people in the theater.  Logan did enjoy the popcorn and 3D glasses (I hated seeing it in 3D - it hurt my head!) though. 

We also enjoyed our first cherry tomatoes from our tomato plant. OK, so Logan did. Neither Trung nor I are very big fans of tomatoes, so I'm glad Logan was able to enjoy them - straight off the plant (after a little spray from the hose). He ate all 6 in one sitting, so now we are waiting for the others to turn red! We have cucumbers that should be ready soon - his other favorite veggie!

2. Where did we go this month?
We went on vacation - yahoo!!  We spent a few days in the Black Hills in South Dakota with my family.

We went to Reptile Gardens while we were there.  Logan got to see a tortoise that was there when we were kids (I'm pretty sure we were allowed to ride it back then!).  He also got to touch a snake!

The weekend after we got back, Daddy went on a motorcycle adventure to the Four Corners with some friends from work!

Logan and I were alone all weekend while he was gone, so we took the opportunity (while it was so hot) to make his first trip to the Museum of Nature and Science.  He loved it!
 (he was checking out the T Rex skeleton with his new binoculars)

3. What special celebrations happened this month?
We celebrated the 4th of July (sans fireworks, but with glow sticks!) at the Black Hills.  Logan and Kelly sang America a special birthday song!

It was Daddy's birthday while he was on his motorcycle adventure.  So we celebrated when we got home.  I made him these cupcakes.

We celebrated Kristen's birthday while we were in the Hills, including making special cupcakes in ice cream cones!

Caleb's birthday was also in July!  It's usually a busy month for us!
4. What fun projects was I working on this month?
I'm working on a photobook of our vacation.  I'll share it when I'm complete. :)

5. What other fun things did we do this month?
We started going on bike rides!  We got Logan a bike trailer (and me a much better bike this weekend) so we love riding around the neighborhood.  We usually end up at the playground for some exercise for Logan.

6. Goals for next month:
  • Finish up the throw pillows I've started.
  • Get caught up on P365 journaling!
  • Enjoy summer before it's gone!

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