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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Dora song is going in my mind as I type that (we did it, we did it, we did it, hooray!).  Yes, Logan has been into watching Dora lately.  Actually Diego, but you'd be surprised how rarely that is on that even with a DVR we only get a few episodes a week.  Dora usually features Diego so we go there if we need to fill a gap or are tired of watching the same three Diego episodes. :)

But back to what I did - it's been a goal forever - I signed up for an online photography course!
I've been dying to get to know how to use my SLR and the posts I see online telling me all the stuff about aperture and ISO are still greek to me.

So I signed up for Oh Shoot! at Jessica Sprague's site.  It's taught by Candace Stringham.  I've wanted to take this class forever, but it used to be a limited size and last time was sold out within 2 minutes of release, so I didn't get it then.  Now they also have a standard class that you can do (instead of one where the instructor will give you feedback on your photos) and that class size was unlimited.

It starts September 6.  YAY!  Hopefully you'll be seeing some better photos from me after that. :)

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