car mat

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WOW.  I've seen some of these in blogland, and always thought I'd make Logan one to play with - I think he'd get a kick out of driving around his little cars.  This one is amazing!  Any volunteers to make this for Logan for his birthday???  Click the photo for the tutorial!


  1. When my brother and I were kids our mom would take us to the local kids store and we would get a refrigerator or washer/dryer box and make something very similiar. Of course not near as elaborate as the above one but just as fun I'm sure :)

  2. that should have said the local "Sears" store :)

  3. I remember making my elaborate dollhouse interiors, but growing up in a house full of girls didn't prepare me for 500 matchbox cars all over our house. :) I think Trung enjoys buying them for Logan as much as Logan likes to play with them! A car mat like this seems just my speed. I saw a rug once in Ikea that was like this - a little road/town. But you know by now we are Ikea-less here!!


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