Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have a surprising number of loved ones celebrating their 40th this year.  In fact, it's almost odd considering I'm a young 29.  Er, or 34 if you are going to be exact.  Anyway, my girlfriend turns 40 today!!

My sister turned 40 in July and our mom had a great decorating idea.  She took a ceramic pot and put 40 suckers in it with a label that said "40 sucks".

When we were planning a big lunch extravaganza for my girlfriend earlier this week, I decided to copy the idea.  But in my opinion (or in a pathetic attempt to feel better about the fact that I'm 6 short years shy of the milestone myself, you decide) 40 was a birthday that needed to be celebrated as a good thing.

So I decided to make my girlfriend this one.

I think she appreciated the more positive message.

How did I make it?  Easy peasy.  (I forgot to take progress photos - I'm still learning this blogging thing, sorry!).  I bought a cylindrical vase and a bag of river rocks from Michaels.  Don't tell, but I bought the rocks in too small of a size, so there are more than 40 in there. :)

Then I set a repurposed jar in the middle so I wouldn't have 80 pounds of rocks to fill my vase.  I'd suggest bigger rocks, smaller vase, but this one worked out OK.

I made the "labels" on my Cricut - just cut the letters and matted the paper.  So I just set those inside the jar in case she wanted to remove them and reuse the vase later.

Then I filled the rocks around the repurposed jar, making sure not to mess up the paper labels.  I nicely arranged 39 suckers in the inside jar and voila!  A party centerpiece!

She's an earth-color sort of gal, so I used those in my label and picked natural river rocks.  You could use white or black ones with brighter colors on the labels! 

Happy 40th, G!!!

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