rachel lover

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My son is a gleek.  He LOVES watching the song clips from Glee.  It all started when we thought he'd love listening to the "People Song" (Don't Stop Believing).

Lately he's been talking about how he loves Rachel.  She's a good singer, but come on!

D: Logan, who do you love more?  Mommy or Rachel?
L: Rachel!
M: Logan!  But Rachel doesn't give you kisses!
L: Mommy, Rachel is my best.  So you need to walk away.  I love Rachel.


By the way, our favorite song segment?  Safety Dance!!


  1. {sigh}... Why is it that all of us real people always end up losing rank to the TV celebrities in the eyes of the young people we love? Such is life... :P I love that he said it like that, tho: "Rachel is my best. So you need to walk away." LOL Too cute!

  2. I had to blog it because it cracked me up how he said it. I was hugging him when I said it so that's why he said walk away. :) He's such a nut! He randomly said "I love Rachel, Mommy" in the grocery store the other day. Out of nowhere! And he doesn't know any other Rachels so I know it was about Glee!


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