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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kind of a funny title for this post, but it's the truth!  I ran across a couple good fruit presentation posts that I wanted to share.

1. I LOVE fresh pineapple.  When I was pregnant with Logan we would stop at Whole Foods (they have fresh fruit samples out) and I would go back (a little ashamed) to the sample for pineapple four or five times in a store visit.  They must have thought I was crazy.  But it wasn't the peak season and fresh pineapples were expensive. :)

It is a bit intimidating to cut up - I make my husband do it.  But Good (CHEAP!) Eats posted a good tutorial with pics.  Click the image below.

My favorite way to serve fresh pineapple?  Grilled.  Seriously.  The sugars get all caramel-ly - it is heaven!

2. My favorite go to fruit is an apple - Fuji of course.  But I can be lazy and buy a bag of apple slices.  Great for a trip by the way - easy to pack on the plane or a road trip!  Good (CHEAP!) Eats strikes again with this great list of different ways to cut your own and make them pretty.

3. Finally, Brittany from One Charming Party (love the site and LOVE the newsletter - sign up!) posted over at Tatertots and Jello with tips on making a pretty fruit tray for your next party.  Look at this beauty (and click the photo to go read those tips).

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