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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We've had some good luck since we got back from our trip.  Logan has been great about using the toilet when we make him.  But we've had to approach it like we did training Supra, our dog.  We set the timer for 45 minutes and take him, whether he claims he needs to or not.

In fact, he will never claim he has to go (unless he's in his jammies for bedtime, but I'm pretty sure that is a strategy to delay bedtime). 

But at least we've made some progress.  He went all day, from wakeup to bedtime without a single accident yesterday.  That includes nap time!  In fact he's gone two days in a row he's stayed dry during nap.

Simple Modern Mom posted some recommendations on her blog today that I'm going to study.  And I'm ordering her book suggestion right away!

I know all you childless folks are bored to tears with this post.  My apologies.  To make up for it, enjoy this entertaining photo of my child (that he will someday be HORRIFIED that I blogged).

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