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Monday, July 26, 2010



Oh my, buddy.  You are quite the character.  You have the best sense of humor and make us burst into laughter multiple times a day.  You have goofy fake laughs and silly giggles and evil cackles that you use when you find yourself entertaining as well.  Every day is undoubtedly more fun with you around.  You've started to make up random words over the last few months.  "Yucky souko" is used often and cracks you up every time.  I have no idea what it means, but you use it repeatedly and it makes you giggle every time.  Often it's repeated again with, "Yucky souko, Mommy!" as if you think I'll find it entertaining too.

Your Spanish is getting so good too.  You say "Adios, como estas!" to your friends when we leave school sometimes.  I'm not sure you know what como estas means, but it is pretty cute!  You like to recite the colors a lot too, often using their Spanish names instead of English when you are identifying them.  I love how you say "Amarillo." :)

We had a chance to see all of my side of the family this month and you had the best time charming everyone.  You have them wrapped around your fingers!  You did such a good job playing with your cousins (and they were so patient with you!).  You were pretty sad when we left, although you insisted I wasn't sad too (really I was!).

We had your first experience at the movie theater this weekend.  We went to see Toy Story 3 because you are a HUGE Toy Story fan (although these days you do ask for Lion King more).  You did pretty good in terms of sitting still, but you got VERY upset more than a few times.  You aren't overly sensitive normally, but you seem to really get involved in movies and empathize with the characters.  You were pretty scared by some parts (the screaming creepy monkey and the incinerator, but those were pretty scary parts!) but mostly you were sad when the people on the screen were sad or scared.  I admit, I got pretty sad at the end.  The idea of you growing up is exciting but gives me such mixed emotions.  I sometimes wish I could freeze you in time.  I need to get better at enjoying all the little moments because you are growing so fast.  You often talk about what you are going to be when you are 3 or when you grow up.  It's cute, but also a little emotional for me!

We are almost fully potty trained now and you are such a big boy.  We seemed to round a big corner last weekend (M&M bribery probably didn't hurt) and talked about how you are a big boy and not a baby.  In some ways you'll always be my baby, you know!  You are starting to get interested in letters and sounds.  You will use your drumsticks or fingers to make shapes of letters and get so excited!  You also are learning about rhyming and get so excited when you think of two words that rhyme.  You say, "It's the same word, Mommy!"  We have to explain that they just sound the same.  It's fun to see you learn so much every day!

We are starting to get some veggies in our garden and it is so much fun to watch how excited you are by that!  You ate about 5 cherry tomatoes off our plant yesterday like they were candy.  You love to help water the plants and talk about if they are "looking sad" when they need water or "looking happy" when they are perked up and growing.  You do a very good job at taking care of them.  Maybe next year we can grow more!

It's so amazing to me how fast time goes when you are a parent.  Just a little while ago you were a totally helpless little guy, looking to me for everything you needed.  But overnight it seems you are a little guy with so much independence. You make me so proud.  I feel so lucky to be your mommy!  And lucky to be your best friend (lucky for me you've been claiming that again!)

I can't wait to see what this next month brings.  I love you, little guy.  I love you more than there are stars in the sky!

Love, Mommy

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