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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As always, click the images for the links.  All photos are courtesy of the blog they link to!

1. I have a blog crush on Ashley Ann.  Her photography is amazing, her kids are freakin' adorable, her crafts and tutorials are amazing.  She is a new addition to the creative team at Design Aglow and had a cool post on iron-on possibilities, including this onesie.  I know it is an iron on, but how cute is the initial in buttons?  I have a zillion random buttons to use on a project like this.  I'm thinking a wallhanging instead. 

Check her blog out too - amazing ideas and photography (and more of the cutie pie above)!

2. How About Orange shared a link to a tutorial to make adorable dog collars like the one below. How cute would this be in her ribbon designs!

3. I LOVE fabric.  Cute cotton patterns.  I buy more than I should - more than I will probably ever use.  To think I can design my own and have it printed?  BRILLIANT.  It is called Spoonflower.  It isn't as expensive as you'd think!  You can buy others' designs too.

4. I saw this post on these adorable cupcake holders and thought instantly of my friend Katie.  So cute!  How perfect for a baby/bridal shower.

5. I love this postcard ledge idea from Young House Love.  Mix in a few great 4x6 photos and you've got a pretty cool piece on your hands.  I love how it is art, but also a memory wall!

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