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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My two year old can use an iPhone better than most iPhoners over the age of 40.  It's scary really.  It's become our crutch in waiting rooms and gotten us out of a few meltdowns in grocery stores, restaurants and barber shops (yep, he watched Sesame Street while getting his last haircut).

I am the lucky owner of an iPod Touch, which allows you to download apps too.  My lovely husband (techno-geek) is the lucky owner of an iPhone.  So Logan is covered no matter who he is with.  Although YouTube won't work on my iPod at the grocery store - I need a wireless connection!

I've seen a few roundups of favorite apps recently (for you here and here and for your little one here) and was inspired to list my own.  This is a mix of apps that Logan loves.  I'll post on mine another time!  These are all free except as noted.  Screen shots and links are courtesy Macworld.

1. YouTube - this is such a dangerous one.  We try to monitor what he's watching.  Usually I type something in the search box (like "Totoro" or "Toy Story") and he picks ones from that search.

2. iWriteWords - there is a free app (lite version), but I upgraded because we love this one so much.  It's a game where you trace letters and numbers.

3. Tozzle - Logan is big into puzzles, so this one is a hit.  You match the puzzle pieces to the place they go on the picture.

4. PreschoolTap - You need audio for this one, which isn't always the best.  You are shown pictures of four animals and asked questions like "Which one says roar?"

5. Shape (Lite) - Another puzzle one, this one more traditional.

6. Matches - Good old fashioned Memory game, which my sisters will claim was my favorite game growing up.

7. 123 Counting - This is a great educational app for learning counting.  They show you a series of animals and you have to count and choose the right number.

8. First Words (Sampler) - Great spelling game.  You are shown a picture of something (say a ship) and the word is spelled out for you just kind of grayed out.  Then you match letters to the appropriate spot in the word!

9. Feed Me! - Cute game with a monster who "thinks" of something (it's shown in a bubble) and you have to pick the right option to answer his question and "feed" it to him (drag it to his mouth).  Some of them are sequencing type questions, some on shapes, others on color.  This one can get pretty advanced in some of the questions, so may be more appropriate for the older preschool group!

10. Matching Zoo - Another great match game with animals.  This isn't very different from the other match game above, but we like to have options. :)

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