Logan - 30 Months

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Logan,


You are officially 2-1/2 today - a big boy.  I can't believe how fast it has gone!  You are so grown up.  I look at pictures of you like the one above and it makes me realize that you really are a little boy now - not my little baby anymore!  Although occasionally you humor me and ask me to carry you upstairs like a baby. :)

Of course holding a conversation with you now proves how grown up you are too.  You have so many words that it blows me away.  Some of them we don't love, like your new inclination to tell us "Leave me alone!".  But generally you are a very polite little guy with lots of thank yous.  We do have to remind you to say please though!

Your teacher, Miss Maria, has taught you so much Spanish that you now officially know more than Mommy.  The other night we were at a restaurant and you asked what the pendant light over our table was.  I told you it was a light, but then you said, "But what is it in Spanish?"  I didn't know so we had to ask Daddy!

You are newly obsessed with the Lion King movie, and we've even progressed to watching most of the scary parts too.  Every time the animals are gathered around Pride Rock at the beginnning you exclaim, "It's a zoo!"  Sometimes I catch you singing "Hakuna Matata."  You carry your Simba stuffed animal around everywhere!  But I think your Jessie doll (from Toy Story) is still your favorite. 

We are doing pretty well with the potty training these days.  If Mommy will only stay consistent on the weekends!

You are OBSESSED with the song segments on the TV show Glee.  Sometimes before bed you make Daddy cycle through them all and dance and sing along.  I think your favorites are the finale's Journey medley and "Safety Dance".  You also LOVE "U Can't Touch This" and make Daddy let you watch the librarian talking after. 

We started going for walks sans-stroller and you love them!  The first time we went a little far and Daddy had to give you a piggy back ride part of the way home because you were tired.  You talk NON-STOP on those walks.  Look at that tree!  We should smell the flowers.  They smell nice!  Look at that rock!  That's not nice, dog! (yelling at a barking dog).  I love seeing the neighborhood through your eyes.  You and Daddy also go for bike rides occasionally in your new trailer for his bike which you love. 

You tell me you miss grandma and grandpa on a daily basis lately, and even started saying they are coming over to visit you.  It breaks my heart that you miss them so much.  You won't let me say I miss them or say I love them though - it is only you!  Of course you aren't very cooperative in talking to them on the phone!  Luckily we are going to go see them next weekend on vacation.  I think you are going to be so excited to see them!

Every day is truly a new excitement with you, buddy.  You are so full of character and spirit.  You crack all of us up every day!  When I pick you up from school your teachers are excited to tell me the silly things you said and did that day.  I think they love you almost as much as we do! 

Thank you for being the light of our lives, little guy.  I love you more than there are stars in the sky!!!

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