five on friday - revisited!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It seems every time I post a great tutorial link or source of inspiration, I find one more I wish I would have added to the list.  So this is a roundup of new additions to those previous posts!  As always, click the photo for the link.

1. Apparently I'm not the only one with canning on the brain.  Here are THREE other links!
Here is some strawberry freezer jam:

Tropical Breeze Freezer Jam:

And here's some information on making jam sans pectin:

2. I posted on play kitchens here.  Here's another one for inspiration:

3. I posted about my love of wall collages here and here.  Young House Love (one of my favorite decorating blogs) included one (or reused one?) in their new nursery.

4. I posted about baby booties here.  Here's another cute set that Homemade by Jill made!

5. I previously posted some cute mobiles here and here.  This one posted at luvinthemommyhood is cute too!

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