logan - 29 months (a day late!)

Thursday, May 27, 2010



Your growth continues to amaze me, physically and intellectually. You seem to have gone through another growth spurt, because you are quickly growing out of all your pants! You are such a little man now, and I don’t know how it happened so fast. Two short years ago you were this tiny helpless being, and now you are incredibly independent.

You are also hilarious. You have the best sense of humor! You have this silly kind of growly voice you use sometimes when you are singing. You are often doing a silly little dance around the house.

You are so smart, and definitely testing your boundaries. One night last week you repeatedly did things you weren’t supposed to, followed immediately by a “sorry!”. I was pretty certain you knew they were wrong to begin with but you were seeing what you’d get away with. You are also pretty manipulative when you are in trouble. You act all sad and say “I miss my ______” (Grandma usually, but sometimes Daddy or Auntie). You know that makes me feel bad and you’ll get out of trouble!

Your vocabulary is pretty amazing. You have all sorts of adjectives (huge, beautiful, amazing). The other day you told me you didn’t eat your avocado because “it was too avocado-y.” You can count to 30, although you ALWAYS skip 15 (why? I’m not sure). You can count almost to 20 in Spanish and 10 in Vietnamese.

And the funniest things come out of your mouth. The other day I was putting you in the car seat and your pants slipped down a bit (because you were wearing underwear, not diapers!) and you cried out, “My booty is open!”. I almost passed out from trying not to laugh. You make me laugh so many times every single day!

You are such an amazing eater and I’m so proud of that. Your favorite foods are chicken nuggets (of course!), fried rice, pasta salad and mashed potatoes with chicken and veggies mixed in. Of course any fruit is good with you. And you’ve just become a fan of ice cream this month! You like to eat ice cream bars with Daddy.

We got a sandbox this month and you are in love. You can play out there for hours, building castles and making birthday cakes (with sticks for candles). You make footprints with your dinosaurs and pour sand through the funnels. You also love to water my plants and flowers, which is good since I’m a slacker in that department! I’m so excited to spend this summer playing outside with you!

I started a new job this month, mainly so I could avoid traveling and being away from you and Daddy. It seems like my lack of travel has helped you become less of a “Momma’s boy” and be more secure. That makes me so happy. There’s nothing I want more than for you to grow up healthy and happy, buddy!

Love you more than there are stars in the sky, baby!


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  1. What a good Mama you are! Your letters always touch my heart and remind me how quickly life goes by...

    xoxox IBKC Megan


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