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Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy TGIF!

1. These banana cinnamon rolls looks TO DIE FOR.  Of course not as good as grandma's sticky rolls (mmmmm....)

2. Silk screening has been all over the blogs lately. But it sure seems like a lot of work!  I'm pretty curious about this alternate.  And how cute are these onesies??

3. I LOVE artichokes.  But admit to some fear in preparing them.  So when using them I usually stick to the jarred ones.  Good (&CHEAP) Eats gave some instructions that makes it look easy to use the fresh ones!

4. You know I'm a sucker for a photo collage.  I've often seen the staircase version, but love the colors on this one.  I've always heard that you need to keep the frames the same color to look cohesive.  But I love the idea of using a color scheme to do so too! (Thanks to Today's Creative for featuring Sawdust and Scraps!)

5. I'm notorious for leaving important things at home when running errands (library card, coupons, checks to cash, etc.).  So I'm thinking of implementing this "errands center mini zone" from Simplify 101.

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